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Analytical & testing services
Bespoke & routine analysis

- from one sample to large projects 

Chiralabs provides contract analytical, testing and research services for a wide variety of industries and areas, including pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, natural products, nutraceuticals, food and veterinary substances, fine chemicals, plastics, polymers, engineering materials, residues and other substances using a variety of spectroscopic, physicochemical, chromatographic and theoretical techniques. We frequently investigate "unusual" or "unknown" materials.

As well as investigative research, problem-solving and development, we offer a contract spectroscopy and analysis service that can provide from just a "one-off" analysis or spectrum through to a comprehensive service on a call-off, contract or project basis, all supported by our expert spectroscopists and analysts - please contact us to see how we may enhance your analytical capabilities or help solve your analysis problems.   

Our spectroscopic techniques include Circular Dichroism, UV-visible-near infra red absorption, FTIR, Raman, fluorescence, scattering, ORD, polarimetry and NMR. We are world leaders in chiroptical spectroscopies such as circular dichroism and multi-technique approaches, especially applied to the study of chiral molecules, proteins and biotechnology products for structural characterisation, stability, comparability, properties and authenticity investigations.

Our physical chemistry laboratory provides determination of physicochemical parameters and physical properties, with particular expertise in solid-phase v solution phenomena, crystallisation and crystallography.  Similarly, our analytical laboratory has extensive capabilities for standard and unusual investigative studies with a wide range of microscopic, spectroscopic, chromatographic (inc. chiral HPLC, SEC, RP, NP, HILIC and ion chromatography) and other techniques.

The breadth of our expertise allows us to advise on the wider implications of results, particularly in terms of drug discovery, optimisation and contamination issues. A general goal of our services is to provide not just results but understanding and rational solutions. We are always happy to explain the context and implications of results to clients. We have experience of preparing data for patents, licensing (FDA etc.) and legal activities.

Chiralabs analytical and testing services cover a wide range of topics including:

Molecular chirality & enantiomeric composition services  

Crystal growth & polymorphism services

Chemical, spectroscopic & physicochemical characterisation services

Pharmaceutical properties, excipients, optimisation & analysis services

Biochemical characterisation services

Biomacromolecular structure & properties services

Biopharmaceutical, biosimilar & biotechnology development services

Dyes & colour analysis services

Polymer & plastic analysis services

Materials, composites and mixture analysis services

Instrument testing, development & optimisation services

Data analysis & pattern recognition services

Circular dichroism services

This list is not exhaustive - please contact us regarding your analysis requirements.