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why choose Chiralabs?

Pharmaceutical characterisation & analysis


Chiralabs can offer a wide variety of characterisation studies and investigations of molecular properties and phenomena of pharmaceuticals, drug substances, nutraceuticals and excipients using a range of spectroscopic, physicochemical and chromatographic techniques (including circular dichroism analysis, UV Visible NIR absorption analysis, fluorescence analysis, FTIR analysis, FTIR-ATR analysis, Raman analysis, HPLC analysis, ion chromatography, elemental analysis, electron microscopy, NMR, GC-MS, etc.):

  • Structure, conformation & physicochemical properties

  • Composition, impurity profiles & authenticity

  • Comparability, consistency & similarity

  • Spatially resolved elemental analysis

  • Stabilities

  • Solubilities

  • pH profiles

  • Relative photostabilities

  • Reference spectra & data

  • Crystallisations & precipitations

  • Binding studies

  • Excipients, additives & formulation


We routinely work to high accuracy with microsample quantities, using leading-edge research-grade instrumentation.