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why choose Chiralabs?


To aid your future research and development activities, Chiralabs can offer occasional one-to-one and group training in a variety of techniques and scientific areas:

  • Chirality & enantio-discrimination

  • Crystal growth, polymorphism etc.

  • Biomacromolecular structure& behaviour

  • Circular Dichroism & chiroptical spectroscopy

  • UV-Vis-NIR & Fluorescence spectroscopy

  • FT-IR spectroscopy

  • Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical analysis

  • Drug discovery

  • Pattern Recognition, QSAR & chemometrics

  • Drug ADME (adsorption, distribution, metabolism & excretion)

  • Physicochemical properties & physical chemistry (thermodynamics etc.)

Courses can be tailored for novice through to expert (post-doctoral) level and are taught by leading experts. Practical skills, data interpretation, theoretical background and instrument design can be included and emphasised as appropriate.